29 May

It’s Memorial Day in the US. Most people celebrate by having a barbecue with family and friends, enjoying the sunny weather and playing games outside. It’s a fun time, a day off and something people look forward to. What is often missed is why we do it at all. Memorial Day should really be spent reflecting on and being thankful for the men and women that have and do serve our country. These people and their families risk their lives, put their lives on hold and set aside the comforts of home to serve. It’s a sacrifice I have often taken for granted but today I want to say thank you. Thank you for sacrificing so that I can live in a free country and be able to follow my dreams.

I think in today’s modern society it is easy to take freedom for granted. It is something that we are so used to: freedom to chose, freedom to go where we want when we want , freedom of information, freedom to worship, freedom to speak our mind, and even the freedom to write this blog. The concept of freedom through democracy started and has impacted the world because immigrants and farmers were willing to risk their lives on the battlefield and often sacrifice their homes and fortunes. We feel far removed from it today but the reality is sacrifice was required for me to live the life I have today. When we take that for granted we put our very freedom at risk. All over the world we must value our freedoms, value our independence and guard it passionately so that generations of people after us can enjoy them and also be thankful. Assuming that we will always have it without working to preserve it only sets us up to loose it.


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