I am an entrepreneur, writer, mother, friend, advocate for those in need, and generally cool person.  As an entrepreneur I have started several companies and approach conversations and encounters looking for opportunities, thinking of ways to improve upon and make things better.  Through my career I am constantly learning new things.  As a founder of a start up you are the Chief Officer of Everything.  There is no task too great, setting up manufacturing overseas and negotiating contracts internationally, or too small, cleaning the toilets and taking out the garbage.  Entrepreneurship is a lesson in determination, drive, resourcefulness, humility and strength.  It teaches you the limits of your capacity and when reached asks for more.  Through this blog I aim to impart some of the lessons I am constantly learning.  I will share the good, bad and the ugly and hopefully my sharing will help you, the reader, along your journey toward greater success.


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  1. Brad Thorne August 10, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    I’m a father of 3 and a startup guy. I’ve given up alot as an ad exec to focus on plastic gift card collection and upcycling. I spend alot of time with retailers that struggle with the notion that customers actually care about the environment. Sadly, they offer little options for waste disposal that even allow customers to make a choice. I feel they would care more if they looked at corporate citizenship as a valuable long term investment and less of a marketing trend.

    I’d love your thoughts on our approach. I’ve launched a collection program and the National Card Council which researches industry guidelines for sustainability.

    • bethanystips September 2, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

      Hi Brad – Your business sounds very interesting. Plastic gift cards are not something many people would think about when it comes to sustainability but you recognizing the issue and addressing it is exactly what sustainability is all about. We have to start small, notice the little things we are doing that harm the environment than find solutions. By tackling one thing at a time we can make a more positive impact then looking strictly at top down solutions.

      With your prospective clients I would look for ways to structure the program so that it positively impacts revenue. For example they could print on the card itself a promo that if the user reloads the card they get a discount off their purchase. If a retailer gives 10% off every time the card is reloaded they will create repeat customers. Whether a clothing shop, restaurant or beauty salon businesses need customers to keep coming back. One of the biggest challenges retailers have with gift cards is that they realize revenue on a set day but have the cost of supplying that good or service at a future, unknown date. Getting customers to spend additional money the day they use the card will help to offset this while simultaneously keeping that card out of a landfill.

      Beyond offering the idea above it really comes down to making sustainability personal to those in executive leadership. They need to understand the direct benefit to themselves and the company. This is not something that can be done by a marketing campaign. It requires one on one conversation and the ability to understand the inner workings of the organization. For additional assistance feel free to visit, http://www.thebacktobasicsbook.com

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