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Election Day in a Hurting America

7 Nov

It is election day and people throughout the country are lining up to cast their vote for local elections and for who will be the next President of the United States.  This important day will shape the future of our country for the next four years and beyond.  It is impossible to look at one President as only having an impact during their term.  Economic conditions, foreign policies, social programs and more are often carried on generation to generation so things that happen during four years have an impact that is felt far into the future.  

This election has been fierce.  Both sides – candidates, campaigns, and the public – have been fighting a battle that from where I sit has been filled with anger and frustration.  Watching the debates it was clear that America is choosing between two guys that really don’t like each other.  Fake smiles aside – they are not on the same page.  

The problem with an angry election is that the American people loose.  I have been watching a variety of news shows for months that discuss what each candidate is doing and what they have to say.  Some even talk about stupid Tweets sent by people on the campaign – as if that actually matters.  It is mind blowing to me because all of this talk about candidates does nothing for the citizens that have to elect them in the end.  A tweet sent by a campaign staffer does not help someone in Ohio get a job or put food on the table.  An insulting commercial does not help a student make their loan payment or the Johnsons keep their home.

We have real problems in America today.  Our problems run deep and cannot be fixed in a matter of months or even years. Our economic challenges are not just a problem to be discussed on the pages of the Wall Street Journal or on CNN.  These problems impact whether or not the kid riding the bus with yours has food for dinner.  They impact whether or not your parents can afford to retire or will be living in your spare room.  They impact whether or not your family can have two people working and pay your bills or if you have to downsize into an apartment.  The news media and politicians don’t seem to understand the gravity of the problems we are facing.  In my family and friends alone there has been massive unemployment, foreclosures, loss of health insurance and more – from people of all ages, walk of life, and education levels. This is not an isolated issue but something we are all dealing with.

I met a women in Montana a few weeks ago.  She was checking me in at a hotel as I passed through town and I asked her thoughts on the election.  She told me she would vote if she could find time to research in between working and caring for her three kids.  The only thing she did know is that she wouldn’t vote for Obama because she blames him for her husband being out of work.  He was in the military and planned on staying for his career.  Right before his ten year anniversary they let him go – all so they wouldn’t have to give him retirement.  Her family of five was left with no income and they lost their health insurance.  She got a job as a hotel clerk but her income couldn’t pay the bills so they lost their house and now live in a small apartment – barely getting by.  They have a problem with their car and can’t fix it so now the family drives in their truck anywhere the go.  The problem is the truck only fits three so they have to go in batches anytime the family goes somewhere.  She has applied for assistance three times and gotten denied every single time.  They are broke.  They need help and they blame Obama’s policies for their struggles.  Is it really his fault?  Maybe.  Hard to say.  The only thing I do know is that people in America are hurting and someone needs to stand up and lead our country back into greatness.  We can do it but someone has to step up.  My hope is the next four years bring an actual recovery – rather than one contrived by the media.  Obama, Romney – whichever one of you wins – do something.  The American people need it.


“Change” Americans It Is Time To Step It Up

11 Sep

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.”

-Tony Robbins

With the recent political conventions in the US and constant talk about politicians stance on issues facing the country one thing seems completely clear to me, if we want change we need to create change.  When Obama ran on the platform of hope and change four years ago it sounded great.  Whether you believe in his politics or ability most people can agree that we needed change.  We needed reform.  We needed to strengthen our country economically and socially.  Millions of Americans bought into this ideal only to be disappointing in the lack of results over the past four years.  Those opposed to Obama can say that they knew the change would not happen or would not be positive but that is not the point.

The state of America should not be in the hands of a President, Congress or Senate it should be in the hands of the people.  We live in a free country.  That is right people – Free.  What we do with that freedom is up to us.  We can sit around the living room, watching TV and complaining loudly about this politician or that policy or we can stand up and actually do something.  It is time that Americans remember that politicians are elected by us and it is their duty to represent us.  If they are not doing a good job, replace them.  If they say one thing and do another get them out of office.  If they are unable to come up with ideas good enough to make an impact then we need to come up with the ideas.  Our founding fathers did not fight for our freedom simply for us to behave fat, lazy and entitled.  It is our job to fight for what we want, to demand it.  It is our governments job to listen and to implement the wishes of the people.

Let me be clear this has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats, nothing to do with Obama or Romney.  As far as I am concerned they are just people like the rest of us.  They were not born with vast wisdom or superior knowledge.  They are, or should be, merely a representation of the people.  We cannot continue to blame our politicians for all of our woes unless we are willing to come up with our own ideas, speak our mind, let our voices be heard and replace them if necessary.  The biggest fault with the “Change” message of Obama four years ago was not the message itself but the idea that the change could come from a few.  Change needs to happen because each one of us wants it and we are willing to take the steps necessary to bring it about.

This is an election year and an opportunity for the American people to show what is really important to them and what they are willing to do about it.  News stations are focusing non stop on the campaigns bombarding us with every detail from what someone said in a Tweet to a TV ad.  I am much more interested in hearing what the American people want their country and future to look like than a Tweet from a campaign manager.  Let your voice be heard because at least some of us are interested.



Psalm 119:160: The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever

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